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Scamming Mail – Re: Be our representative in Nigeria/Africa to procure 30, 000 MT of Iron Ore

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Scamming mail sent to a company by Nigeria online fraudster, 419, yahoo boys. The mail is purported to have come from SHIMIZU CORPORATION, a Japanese company.

Here is the scamming mail received by a Nigeria company from online fraudster/scammer. Go through it and learn. Never fail victim of Nigerian scammers, 419, Yahoo Guys.

Shimizu Corporation, Japan
2-16-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-8370, Japan.

Re: We need you to be our company representative in your country to procure 30,000 MT of Pure Iron and also the sitting of our annex office under your control.
The above named company is a construction company based in Tokyo Japan.

We are into Civil Engineering,  Building Construction and Real Estate
Development, Architectural Design, Civil Engineering Design, General
Construction Business of heavy duties Bridges and Other. Presently my
company wishes to come down to Nigeria/Africa, as we have been made to
understand from the Chamber of Trade and Commerce in here that mineral
resources are sold in Nigeria. We want to procure a raw material and
if possible site our annex office/industry in your country due to the
nearness of the raw material based on your good recommendation. Our
humble purpose of contacting you is to make sure my company does not
fall into awful hands in Africa as we like to come through you,
because we have not been to Nigeria before. We also want you to be my
company representative concerning the sitting of our annex
office/industry, which is solely going to be under your close
supervision, you shall aid the process of construction and
incorporation and my company shall go into bilateral relationship
personally with you.

We shall come with letter of memorandum of understanding for your
official endorsement. We implore you to assist our company in
confirming a raw material by contacting this company (below) in
Nigeria to inquire the availability and indigenous price of the raw
material.Lantang Mining Company Limited
Office: Jos, Plateau
Contact Person – Engr. Sanni Jibril
Email Address:  mrsanni.jibril@yahoo.com
The company ability was recommended from the Economic desk of the
Nigeria High Commission in Tokyo Japan as a local miner who deals on
this mineral in industrial quantity as advertised also by the company
in the International Local Miners Brochure when they attended
exhibition in Tokyo Japan 2011. Please take note of our specification
and price data.Product required:  Very pure deposits of Iron 0re
International  standard scale/Price Per Metric Tonne:  $130 US$
Initial Quantities required: 30,000.00 Metric Tonnes.
NOTE: On your contact to Mr Sanni Jibril, with the above email address
for inquiry on our behalf,  you may not disclose to him that
foreigners will be coming for procurement to avoid possible increase
of their price above the International standard price my company’s is
willing to buy. Beware this was the system with our previous dealers
in Afghanistan before the recent turmoil that lead to the availability

The Board of Directors unanimously agreed that if we can get an
indigenous confirmation of substantial quantity of the raw material
and most especially fair price we shall endorse 10% commission of the
total purchase for you as our host representative.  It is important to
inform you of the continuity of this transaction because we will be
buying the product four-month intervals for five good years through
you then we can discuss how to get landed properties for the
establishment of our annex office through you in Nigeria/Africa .

Meanwhile,  we shall also be coming with our interpreter to ease our
communication as soon as we secure our visa.

Waiting for your immediate response and the prize confirmation as
earlier requested.

Kazuyuki Inoue
Representative Director
For: Shimizu Corporation, Japan
Fax:  +81 -3-6408-0283
Tel:  +81 -3-5338-9225

SHIMIZU CORPORATION Response After Contacting Them

Dear Mr. xxxxxxxx
Greetings from Shimizu Corporation.

Thank you very much for inquiry.
We inform you that we have NOT sent you any emails regarding to be a representative, procure pure iron and so on.

Please note that the email is fraud and has security risk.

Recently there has been an increase in fake emails spoofing us.
We appreciated your help regarding this matter.
Best regards

Corporate Communications Dept.


2-16-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, TokyoJapan 104-8370

TEL: +81 3-3561-1111  

FAX: +81 3-3561-8527

URL: http://www.shimz.co.jp/english/index.html

e-mail: shimzkoho@shimz.co.jp

Source: Nigeria World Today

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