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Nigeria warned of possible new COVID-19 wave, authorities eye vaccine in 2021

Posted On 12 Dec, 2020 | No Comments »


Nigeria minister of health warns that another wave of COVID-19 may happen on early 2021 but vaccine may not be rolled out till April

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Nigerian pharma startup Medsaf raising funding as it moves into big data space

Posted On 10 Dec, 2020 | No Comments »


Nigerian startup Medsaf, which connects pharmaceutical suppliers with hospitals and pharmacies, is raising a seed round as it continues to move into the lucrative big data space

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Yellow Fever in Nigeria Continues to Spread Causing Many Cases and Deaths

Posted On 7 Dec, 2020 | No Comments »


Yellow fever outbreak detected early last month in Nigeria is worsening and causing many cases and deaths across five of the country’s 36 states

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