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Nigeria is still struggling at 60. But hope is still alive

Posted On 29 Dec, 2020 | No Comments »


The world expect Nigeria to has developed farther than her present status after 60 years of independent but there is still hope for the crawling giant.

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Ethiopian Embassy in Nigeria partakes in Trade and Tourism Promotion Exhibition

Posted On 12 Dec, 2020 | No Comments »


Ethiopian embassy participated in the 15th Abuja International Trade Fair which was held from November 24-December 4, 2020. The embassy pledge to boost trade between Nigeria and Ethiopia

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Risks to Nigerian Banks’ Asset Quality Loom in 2021 & Beyond, Says Fitch Ratings

Posted On 10 Dec, 2020 | No Comments »


Fitch Ratings, London says in a new report “What Investors Want to Know: Nigerian Banks” that Nigerian bank asset will weaken over the next 12 months

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How VFD Group, an investment firm is winning over new talent in Nigeria

Posted On 9 Dec, 2020 | No Comments »


With Africa’s entrepreneurs hungry for capital, investment firms across the continent are hoping to create a profitable and sustainable ecosystem

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Maritime Workers Union Strike Could Shut Down All Ports In OPEC Producer Nigeria

Posted On 9 Dec, 2020 | No Comments »


Trade unions in Nigeria are threatening a three-day strike later this week that could shut down port operations at Africa’s biggest oil producer and exporter

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