Resilient Nigerian – Segun Toriola, Nigeria Table Tennis Star Viral Video

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Segun Toriola

Typical spirit of a determined Nigerian. Segun Toriola show of a true Nigerian.

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Why are so many medical professionals leaving Nigeria? – Video

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Nigerian Doctor

DW News Africa reports, shedding light on reasons Nigerian doctors are leaving the country

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Moment Senator Ike Ekweremadu Was Convicted For Organ Trafficking In The UK (Video)

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Conviction of Ike Ekweremadu

See conviction of Senator Ike Ekweremadu in United Kingdom court for offense of human trafficking and organ harvesting. See also comments by Nigerian.

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The Assassination of Murtala Muhammed – February 13, 1976 (Video)

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Murtala Muhammed

This episode looks at the full story of Murtala Muhammed, his life as a military officer and Head of State, his opposition with Yakubu Gowon and, of course, his brutal assassination on February 13, 1976

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Brazil Vs Nigeria U-20 World Cup 2023 Match Highlight (Video)

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Nigeria Vs Brazil U-20 2023

Brazil cruised to a 2-0 victory over Nigeria’s Flying Eagles at the ongoing FIFA U-20 World Cup on Saturday, thanks to two quick-fire first-half goals.

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