Moment Senator Ike Ekweremadu Was Convicted For Organ Trafficking In The UK (Video)

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Conviction of Ike Ekweremadu
See conviction of Senator Ike Ekweremadu in United Kingdom court for offense of human trafficking and organ harvesting. See also comments by Nigerian.

Comments of Nigerians about the Judgment

@ausuleh : The Senator travelled to the UK for a thorough and Superior Healthcare system, but got a thorough and superior judgement from the Judicial system

@chikanjoku9884 : There is no such thing as pardon. Ike Ekweremadu’s action was inhumane, vicious, cruel, immoral and wicked. There is no moral justification for what he did. He is a very heartless man. The life of that poor innocent boy means nothing to him. But, the life of his own daughter means more than life to him. The UK is not Nigeria where you manipulate the law for selfish reasons. Justice was served because the Law is Blind.

@chijiokeani6767 : If we had judges like this in Nigerian courts, nobody would ever commit a crime and ask the victim to “go to court”.

@dr.uzochukwuibe6669 : This is what we call a Judge 🧑‍⚖️. It is scary to stand before someone like this thorough. No wonder people in these climes are scared of being sued.

@fruitbowlproductions7327 : Clinicians need immediate training on identifying this trade. No matter how sad you are about your relative dying without an organ, you have no right to take someone else’s organs. Terrible situation. Glad they were caught. Hope they actually serve their time in prison. God bless the brave young man. I hope he has a safe and beautiful life. He sounds like a wonderful person.

@femiogunjobi4900 : The Senator travelled to the United Kingdom to enjoy a superior healthcare system he denied Nigerian citizens. Thank you, Judge.

@ohiomaohioma1931 : It’s admirable how the UK laws put everyone at the same level. In Nigeria, Ekweremadu would never have been convicted for his criminal acts. Obinna would even have set up an enterprise for provision of human organs to capable buyers.
It’s shameful that as grievous as the nature of the crime, we heard in the judge’s pronouncement that a former president, current senate president, speaker of the house and other supposedly ‘honourable’ people were begging for a criminal not to be sentenced to jail because they are all of the same flock.

@ErnestATuray : I’m a Liberian and it hurts me so much to see such a demonic act. These are the kinds of fools who sold our forefathers into slavery hundreds of years ago. Now our African brothers and sisters don’t look at us the same and we have had to live with this kind of madness. It shall never be well with you, and I hope that your children get a taste of this your barbaric behavior.

@NigeriaFunk : The Modern Slavery Act is an incredibly impactful law that has moved me to tears upon hearing about this particular case. I would like to express my gratitude to the individuals who played a crucial role in implementing this law. From my perspective, it encapsulates the true essence of our humanity. My deepest hope and prayer are that the young man involved in this situation can now embark on a fresh journey, forging a positive path and making valuable contributions to the society he finds himself in.

@mosesalo : We are really a third world country. Just imagine how an erudite judge dealt with matter ruthlessly without compromise.

@chinenyemary8644 : Thank you Mr judge for defending the poor and needy in the hands of wealthy and heartless predators.

@olugbengakayode2516 : “Nothing was put in place to secure his future healthcare needs if he donated his kidney” How wicked!

@michaelekpendu220 : I hope the Nigerian judges are watching this. It is time they step up.

@mba20121 : The way all comments are unanimously supportive on the judgement, I wish that we all unite against our oppressors to liberate ourselves.

@fadahunsiadeniyi9283 : Did anyone notice the level of civility and respect with which the Judge addressed Ikeremadu and others as he sentenced them? These qualities are what many of the Nigerian judges lack.

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