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It's Tuesday, May 17, 2022 - 2:58 PM in Nigeria.

See How Ibrahim Gbadebo Duped A Man N1.65 Million Right Inside Banking Hall


Here is how Ibrahim Gbadebo, a fraudster duped a businessman right inside a bank in Lagos. The scammer was arrested weeks after.

Can You Take Them at Their Words?

There’s nothing to share again, Nigeria needs wealth creators - Said by Peter Obi, On April 6, 2022

Can your take Peter Obi for his word? He says there is nothing to share again in Nigeria. Is it that National Cake has finished? Make your comment!

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Insecurity in Buhari’s regime may stop 2023 election - Said by Labour Party, On April 3, 2022

if the escalating wave of terrorism in parts of the country remained unchecked, it has the potential to derail the forthcoming 2023 general …

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Insecurity has overwhelmed Buhari administration - Said by Olusegun Obasanjo, On April3, 2022

If anybody comes to say I want to see you, I want to talk to you, I will say ‘you’re welcome. This is because I believe very strongly, …

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Saying of Our Hero past for Today

Those of us placed in a position of leadership must be prepared to grasp the nettle if we unite in doing so, and if, in addition, we set a worthy example and a marat on pace in probity, unselfishness, and self-sacrifice, the people will follow, all too readily, in our footsteps.

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Know Nigeria - Fact for Today

Dr. Alvan Ikoku was defeated by his son S. G. Ikoku in the 1956 Eastern region assembly elections. Alvan was 56 years old then while his son was 34 years old.

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Nigeria World Map

Nigeria World is the most populous black nation and by implication the most populous in Africa. According to 2008 census, her population was counted to be about 130 Million. With population growth rate of about 2.4%, the population is estimated to be 180 Million by 2016. One out of every four black persons you meet in the world is probably a Nigerian.

Population density of Nigeria as at 2008 was 152 persons per square kilometre. Nigeria World comprises over 250 ethnics and languages. Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and Fulani have about 71% of the population and other ethnic groups take the remaining 29%.

On the world map, Nigeria has her borders with Benin Republic at the West, Niger at the North and Cameroon and Chad at the East. It has her coast along Atlantic Ocean on the Gulf of Guinea. It is in the western part of Africa. The capital of Nigeria is Abuja. Her largest cities include Lagos, Ibadan, Kano and Onitsha among others.

Nigeria adopted colours are green and white as shows by her flag. The Green stands for Agriculture (been the major source of revenue and one-time world best producer of cocoa and palm oil) and the White for Peace (being for the coexistence of multiple ethnic groups).

Nigerian national currency is Naira (₦) and Kobo (K). 100 Kobo make a Naira. The currency is not accepted in world marketplaces like Dollar but it is a strong force in Western Africa.

There are 8 major denominations: ₦1000, ₦500, ₦200, ₦100, ₦50, ₦20, ₦10, and ₦5 notes. Other denominations like ₦2, ₦1 and 50K are metal coins and have gone into extinction.

Officially and among the nations of the world, the country is called Federal Republic of Nigeria. Informally, Nigerians at home and in diaspora refer to her as Naija. The word "Nigeria" official abbreviations are NG and NIG. Some Nigerians, most especially on the internet, shorten it to Nigr.

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