Where is Nigeria on the Map

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where is nigeria on the map
Find out where Nigeria is located on the map. Here is location of Nigeria on world and Africa map. Nigeria is not a landlock nation.

Where is Nigeria on the map, is a question several citizens of the world want to know.

Nigeria is a west Africa country. It has her borders with Benin Republic at the West, Niger at the North and Cameroon and Chad at the East. It has her coast along Atlantic Ocean on the Gulf of Guinea.

Nigeria is a West African country in the northern and eastern hemispheres of the earth. As part of the western coastline of Africa, Nigeria is well known for its plateaus highlands and rivers.

Abuja is Nigeria’s capital, Lagos is the most populous and Ibadan is the largest city.

The country borders Chad Republic and Niger on the north, the Atlantic Ocean on the south, Benin republic on the west and Cameroon on the east.

Longitude and latitude of Nigeria are 9.0820° N and 8.6753° E respectively.

Nigeria on Africa Map
Nigeria with bordering countries

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