Random Facts about Yoruba People that Put Nigeria on the Map

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Yoruba Odua
Yoruba people, the Oduans are unique in many ways. Here is the list of uniqueness of Yoruba that put Nigeria on the world map

  1. The richest estate in Africa is found in Yorubaland
  2. Yorubaland has the largest music industry in Africa
  3. Yoruba movie industry is one of the largest movie industry in Africa
  4. Lagos, Yorubaland, has the 7th largest Gdp in Africa and among the world’s top 30
  5. Yoruba Spirituality is the most popular Africa Spirituality practised outside of Africa.
  6. Yorubaland, topped the 2021 ranking for best tech start-up cities in Africa. Big tech like Paystack, Flutterwaves, Jumia, Konga, Andela are all created by Yoruba people.
  7. First Black African person to win the Nobel Prize for Literature is a Yoruba man.
  8. The first TV station in Africa was founded in Yorubaland . Oct 31 1959, that later be became NTA.
  9. Yoruba land can boasts of different genre of music. Apala, Juju, Fuji, Waka, Afrobeat are genre developed in Yoruba land. Afrobeat was developed in the late 1960s led by Fela Kuti ,with drummer Tony Allen, both Yoruba.
  10. Yoruba culture and Spirituality is the only African cultural that survived Atlantic slavery.
  11. Yoruba has the largest twin rate in the world.
  12. If Yoruba were in Europe, it would be the 3rd most populous country in Europe.
  13. Yoruba has more population than 45 countries in Europe.
  14. Aso-Oke also called Ofi is a type of hand-made fabric usually done by weaving and this art of weaving and styling of this particular fabric material originated from the Yorubas.

Yoruba nation is a sleeping giant trapped in Nigeria

Yoruba is the largest ethnic group in Africa but for seek of argument, let say the second largest ethnic group. Africa is the only continent where the second ethnic group is trapped in a Nation that’s not ethnically theirs.

Let’s us take a look the globe

There are 6 liveable continents, 3 were totally conquered by the Europeans and altered the demographic .South and Northern America and Australia. Europe in Europe, when you type in the largest ethnic group in Europe , what pops up is ethnically Independent Nations.

Russian: The largest ethnic group in Europe is Russians. 81% of the population of Russia Federation is ethnic Russians and the 19% of the population are ethnic minorities.

German: they are the second largest ethnic group in Europe. 88.2% of Germany population are ethnic German.

Italy: Italians are the 3rd largest group in Europe . They are 95% of the 60million of the population of Italy.

China: with the population of 1.4billion people. The Han ethnic group are 91.59% of China population.

India : while india is considered a multiethnic state, 72% of India population is Indo- Aryan.

Japan: with the population of 125 million. 123miilion of the population belongs to “Yamato” ethnic group.

Indonesia: indonesia has 1340 ethnic groups but Javanese ethnic group make up 40% of the total population of Indonesia. The next largest ethnic group is Sunanese which is 15.51%.

All the ethnic groups mentioned are seen as economic/cultural power house of their continents and contribute to the world at large.

It doesn’t make sense to have Africa large ethnic groups together. There will always be always contest for power which in turn will affect the political arena. Which would result that they focus more on power than the farewell of their people.

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